Our client had experienced significant growth over the past 10 years, building from a start-up to a nationwide facilities management company. As the company grew and expanded, adding products and services, they implemented new databases along the way to cater to specific departments. Some applications were outdated and not very useful in their present environment, while other departments were supported by a series of spreadsheets that were relatively unreliable, populated with numerous errors and fields that wouldn’t update because hard coded information had been entered over the years. Worst of all there was no easy transfer of information. As a result, they requested that Database Development build an entirely new Enterprise Management System to consolidate all existing databases and data silos, thus eliminating duplicate information and facilitate the sharing of information across the whole of the company.


Developing an Enterprise Management System is a big job. The most important component of such an effort is the analysis conducted up front to ensure that we understand what the company does, how it operates what it is trying to accomplish and that we are then capturing all the RIGHT information. As such, before embarking upon the creation of the new system, Database Development first conducted a series of interviews with the client to understand what each department was responsible for, the key hand off points between departments and what information was presently essential to each group while investigating what would be important in the future. We were then able to design an entirely original environment to house all existing information, as well as incorporating a number of improvements.

Through our approach, we integrated and streamlined data from all departments in the company into one game changing enterprise management system. We combined both off the shelf software applications and custom designed software to incorporate the functions of and interaction between finance, sales and marketing, customer service, operations and HR. Additionally, we custom designed powerful reporting and analytical tools to draw on data available in the entire Enterprise Management System to support the present and future growth of the company. Easy-to- use customizable dashboards allow the client to quickly view daily information that is most important to each employee, while also allowing for the tracking of company determined KPI’s to keep staff aware of their goals and quotas.


Before our input, the client found that they were unable to share information freely throughout the company or provide accurate reports on key performance metrics due to the compartmentalization of their databases. This was threatening their ability to recognize areas in need of improvement and additional scrutiny, which in turn held them back from becoming truly competitive with other businesses in their industry.

With the development of one consistent, single sign on, easy-to- use application, the client had complete freedom to access information within each department and across multiple operational groups to identify, at a glance, which areas were performing well and which needed additional help. This allowed them to optimize their business practices and maintain up-to- date information on all aspects of the enterprise, all of the time.

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