Keeping a handle on the quotas, balances and statuses of every aspect of manufacturing inventory can be a difficult prospect, especially in larger companies with multinational suppliers and buyers on their books. Our client sources parts from all over the world. Inventory purchases required many individuals from different departments within the company to participate in the process. However, without a shared platform there was no visibility for all the employees to ensure the order was being completed accurately. From the initial sourcing through final delivery, logistical problems were slowing the company down in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In order to simplify and streamline its operations, the client requested Database Development design a custom inventory management database which offered a dashboard of all of its various orders and allowed easy access to real time tracking reports on individual deliveries. Additional features important to the client included a clean user-friendly interface, with automatic reporting and built in communicating tools to further support the staff in the way they envisioned using the application.


Database Development worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive inventory management system, which allows the various buyers within the firm to access a centralized database of all current orders, invoices and inventory counts. We designed a clean, easy-to- use interface which gives the client the freedom to track, manage and report upon all aspects of the inventory, irrespective of geographical location. Through a series of test sessions, we determined which aspects of the application were working best for the client, and which had to be modified to adapt the product to meet their evolving needs and requirements.

With our automatically updated system, buyers from various parts of the business could see real- time information about inventory statuses and make proactive decisions quickly and effectively. The built-in communication tools kept everyone informed and updated on the myriad of details related to the inventory management process, while the sophisticated reporting abilities incorporated into the database allowed for managers to maintain a firm grasp on the company’s inventory.


The client came to us plagued by inventory inconsistencies and hamstrung by constant delays. Through the enhanced communication and collaboration offered by our custom-built database, the buyers, planners and operations managers in the client’s company are now able to reduce inefficiency, bring down costs and offer better service to their customers. This has been achieved by unifying the different aspects of the company’s order process into one, centralized inventory management system.

The client can now access information about inventory numbers, pending deliveries, invoice statuses and expected delays from any of its multi-national locations, then make informed decisions on how best to remedy the situation. Thanks to the integrated communication tools, they can generate reports, ask questions and provide recommendations to other members of the team quickly. The automated updates on the database allow the client to see inventory information in real-time, while the removal of separate spreadsheets has optimized their purchasing procedures.

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