Our client is a manufacturing firm which delivers individual parts and products to buyers all over the world, using a variety of different couriers and delivery methods. Their in-house supply chain management system was not adequately designed to support a robust logistics solution which was required by the company.

As a result, they came to Database Development to design a customized database to support their logistics operation with the ability to pull data from and feed information back into their overall supply chain management system. Additionally, they requested a partner facing web portal for the courier companies to access so that they could be responsible for inputting and updating their own information, including pricing, which would be accessed to help generate delivery costs on the invoice. Key features requested in the logistics database included, delivery expense, estimated delivery date, order tracking number and a communication system out to the client providing all this information. The final request was for the system to be as user friendly as possible and design wise be as close to the look and feel or the present overall supply chain management system.



Database Development designed a custom database which incorporated all aspects of the logistics process, from logging order numbers, calculating costs and equipping customers with a tracking number to keep tabs on their order. The client had the ability to select a specific courier for each order, with costs and delivery times included. Once completed, these fees would automatically be added to the invoice. The new invoice with delivery costs included were both fed back into the overall supply chain system and sent out to the customer as an automated email providing complete information regarding how much their purchase costs, when to expect delivery and how to track the order online.

The interface was specifically designed with a pleasant and painless user experience in mind, while capturing the primary design features of the overall supply management application. Implementing an agile development process, we communicated with the client regularly, allowing them to test the application in stages and provide necessary feedback to refine the system. The finished product is an easy-to- use, efficient database which provides a comprehensive overview of every step of the business-to- customer logistics process, providing in-depth data on individual orders at the touch of a button.


After implementing the database into their operations, the client found that their order delivery and invoicing processes had been entirely automated. This resulted in incredible efficiency and time savings for the logistics department, freeing them up to tackle more important jobs and increase overall productivity. At the customer end, the client reported a far enhanced customer experience due to the automated emails the customer received after completing the transaction, as well as the ability to monitor their package’s process via the unique tracking number assigned to each order. This ultimately led to a proliferation of positive reviews, increased repeat sales and higher onsite conversion rates.

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