Our client recognized that the efficiency of their onsite repair service was being severely hampered by the necessity to manually enter data. They were still running parts of their business via paper and pencil and it was starting to inhibit their growth and cause customer service issues.

Seeing the potential in switching to a digital system, the client charged Database Development with designing a customized web portal and mobile app which would afford onsite repairmen the ability to digitally enter information straight into the centralized database. In this manner, those back at the office could communicate quickly and effectively with those onsite, saving time, cutting expenditure and allowing the company to tackle more repairs at no extra cost.

In addition, the customer service the company had been providing was below par. The client saw this as an opportunity to better communicate with their customer both before the repairman arrived and to gain important feedback when the individual left.


Database Development designed a mobile application for the clients’ repairmen to allow them to automatically enter information related to the job. Parts used or ordered, work completed, any follow-up required and any other general notes that was deemed important could all be captured in the app. Additionally, a final bill could be created at the end of the job directly from the app, that could be reviewed and okayed by the customer allowing the company to immediately send the bill electronically. All this information would sync back to the company database where office staff could view the information from the newly designed company web portal and access or enter new information as needed.

To improve the customer experience an email would be sent to the customer ahead of the service appointment. A link into the web portal to find out who their repairman would be, a photo along with the repairman’s experience and previous customer feedback on the individual would be provided. Following the visit the customer would be sent another email asking for feedback that they would enter into the web portal. This information would be available to management for review and to other customers in the future.

These digital upgrades allowed for much greater reporting to management and a better understanding of how work on site was being carried out, both from the viewpoint of the repairman and from the standpoint of the customer.


Before using our custom-designed solution, the client found themselves wasting significant amounts of time performing manual tasks, revisiting sites due to incomplete or incorrect repairs and general inefficiency. By transplanting their entire repairs operation into an online environment, Database Development was able to help increase their success rate on first visits, save time by automating the record logging process and generally boost productivity in every aspect of the repairs operation. The invoicing process became more transparent and streamlined by being moved to a digital setting, while the losses caused by human error were reduced to zero. The system facilitated communication, improved efficiency and allowed for more repairs at more sites with more accuracy.

Database Development enhance the business practices of an onsite service provider through a custom designed web portal and mobile app solution. This is just one of many innovative services we offer to streamline your business and optimize your efficiency. Whatever your technology needs, we’re here to help. To see what we can do for you, or just to obtain some free, impartial advice, get in touch with us today. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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