Our client is a car repair service with 5 locations and growing. Despite their success, previous systems used to interact with their customers and provide fast and efficient service were eroding. The company required updated forms of communication to handle their growing customer base and still provide the quality service their regular customers had come to expect.

It was decided the company would upgrade their customer outreach by developing a new website with the ability for customers to log on and update their personal information and maintain an evolving profile on the site. In order to sync this constantly-updating information with their own records, the site would be integrated with their CRM system on the backend. What’s more, they also specified that they needed the database to be capable of tracking and updating data and sending relevant alerts and emails to the customers based upon changes in the information.


After identifying the key aims of the client outlined above, Database Development developed a new website driven by a custom-designed database which seamlessly integrated new and existing website information with data stored on the company CRM. The new customer centric website, provided detailed reporting and just-in- time information on the backend so the client could most efficiently analyze customer activity and support customer needs. By centralizing all information in one place, we made it easier than ever to share, monitor and update information, thus optimizing the client’s overview of their customer database.

We also incorporated an automatic communication function into the application, which sent reminders, alerts and auto-responding emails to the customers once certain criteria had been fulfilled. Working with the client to pinpoint the exact milestones and messages they wished to automate, we were able to drastically reduce the necessity for human intervention, thus streamlining their business model, increasing productivity and ultimately growing profit margins.


With the introduction of the new website, the client no longer needed to manually input records or double check whether their information was up-to- date and accurate. Furthermore, they also found themselves having to resort to manual forms of communication far less frequently, since the system automatically sent out messages when appropriate.

The effect of these improvements in efficiency were twofold. On the one hand, customers visiting their website enjoyed a better user experience, since they are now able to log in to the site and view and update their own information at their leisure. They also received excellent customer service in the shape of personalized emails, prompt query responses and time-appropriate reminders thanks to the automated communication system. As for the client, this freed up their workforce to concentrate their energies on other aspects of the business, such as driving sales and meeting targets. Ultimately, this resulted in streamlined business practices, enhanced productivity and increased profit margins.

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