No matter what kind of software solutions you need, Database Developments is here to help. We offer a wide range technological services, including:

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Mobile apps are critical to interacting with your customers. To successfully engage your target market and keep them coming back for more, you’ll need to provide fresh, constantly-updated content or an activity that users will want to utilize regularly. Mobile apps aren’t stand-alone tools, they are the next wave in maximizing your brand and fostering outreach to your customers while providing your business with consistent insights to capture and act on. Your app’s success is dependent on first identifying your customers’ primary needs and wants, then building a mobile experience that is both user-friendly and perpetually relevant. Data from the business – to the customer – back to the business, facilitates a gold mine of information and opportunity. Database Development can build you that opportunity today.

ERP Systems

There is nothing simple or easy about an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. It’s a monumental job to evaluate all the functions and activities your organization performs, then design and develop a streamlined system to support the entire infrastructure of the company… but that is what Database Development can do. We take the time to understand all the data that is captured in various legacy systems, how it is used, what it is needed for and who will need to interact with it. All this information is then made accessible via a new standardized technology platform, allowing users access to the right information when they need it most. The ability to produce reports and run analytics on data that had not previously been available will facilitate the growth of your company and its power to compete in the marketplace like never before.

Data Integration

In many cases, a company starts out by organizing themselves through a series of spreadsheets. Before long, the business is being run by numerous different spreadsheets, saved independently on individual computers, being emailed back and forth or shared by different people with no rules or safeguards to limit errors in “spreadsheet coding”. Identifying repetitive workflows within a specific work group or across multiple departments of a company and automating the process can cut down on effort and reduce errors that compound over time. Sometimes, small fixes to your data inefficiencies are all you need to take your organization to the next level. Let Database Development automate your everyday business workflows to insure your operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Websites shouldn’t be just a marketing piece; they should be a vital component of your business which reaches out to your customer and receives constructive feedback from them. Today’s websites should not only look good and be easy to interact with, but more importantly they should provide compelling information tailored to the user, supported by a backend database that both drives data to the site and collects data from the user which then becomes part of your business analytics and reporting. Yesterday’s websites were nothing more than a glorified electronic brochures; today’s websites should be driving your business, building your business and informing your business. Database Development will develop the power behind your website to do that.

Intranet/ Extranet

Critical interaction between business colleagues or externally with partners, suppliers or customers can all be facilitated with the development of an Intranet or extranet. Special environments can be designed to support various forms of collaboration, communication, analysis or project work. At times, smaller workgroups within a large company or large number of players scattered both inside and outside of an organization require access to a private password protected site to maximize the efficiency and productivity of their activities. With our extensive experience in intranet and extranet development, Database Development will create an environment that’s not only focused on functionality but superb user experience to maximize the value of your business opportunities.

Business Process Development

With old legacy systems working beside newer technologies that have been added to the mix over the years, the IT infrastructure has reached the point where nothing is running efficiently. Worse than that, it’s costing time and money – and you know it. Data integration can allow for access to all the necessary information that is critical to running the business but upgrade the availability and speed with which your company interacts with the information. By designing a new system with one single sign-on entry point and a seamless, unified overview of all the data dispersed between the various siloed systems, your proprietary business intelligence will be a strength for your company, not a weakness. Database Development can dramatically improve your operations by developing a system to integrate your data and keep you competitive.

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